Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the world says they'll never make it....love says they will♥

Just a few of the pictures Dustin & I had taken recently.
It was so great to get to do this together.
We have experienced so much love, happiness & at times, heartache & sadness together.
6 years & 3 babies later...we're stronger then we've ever been
& can only hope and pray for many, many more years to come :)

Update on Mr. Holden Knox
{a.k.a Baby Knox}
 Found out last Saturday that Little Bit is in fact a baby BOY!!

We couldn't be any more ecstatic then we are!
I just know he's going to fit right in & be as handsome as his Daddy & big brother are♥
His heartbeat was 156 today & my OB said everything was going perfectly.
Next appointment isn't until the end of next month but I plan on going back to Precious Views sometime next week:) 

I'll be updating as I get the opportunity. The munchkins are wilder then ever lately & I've been trying to squeeze in outdoor activities for us on days that it doesn't decide to pour rain, lol.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

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