Friday, March 4, 2011

a little bit of what I believe in♥

Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness, cooperation, kindness & caring-quite often the hard way.

I believe God doesn't create any being absolutely perfect, we all have flaws...including my children. The way I see them & the way others see them, I know is going to differ greatly. I don't see every temper tantrum, sleepless night, spill in the floor or furniture...I see happiness, love & the closest thing to perfection that God has ever blessed this Earth with. Someday they are going to fight, wrestle & bruises and bumps are going to happen...& honestly, I couldn't be happier about it. They have each other & always will. I wouldn't know what to do without my brother...& that boy has done some mean, MEAN stuff to me just like I've done my fair share to him. I couldn't ask for better babies, good days or bad. Paisley is still just as happy & smiley as always but my day is coming with that pretty little girl, I can feel it already! She's gonna make her brother's terrible 2 temper tantrums look like a walk in the park. And Keaton, regardless of the 'terrible 2's', IS the sweetest 2 year old that I've seen. He has his days, & yea, lately they've been more frequently but he's a little boy. Boys, by nature are going to be rougher & rowdy then little girls. I've been told more times then I can count that he is just like his Daddy was at this age & there's no shame in that in my opinion, my Husband is a wonderful man that doesn't have a mean cell in his body, regardless of how mean he might have been as a child. I'm proud of my kids, regardless of their tempers or how they act when they don't always get their way at times. I couldn't ask for anymore then what they are & if Dustin and I are they ones waking up to Paisley's beautiful smiles every morning & are blessed with Keaton's eskimo kisses every single night then that's what I believe in...that's what God wanted me to have♥
So to my sweet, beautiful bundle of joy, you are all giggles & laughs right now but Momma's keeping a watch on you girlfriend:) I think your taking some serious notes from your brother little lady. I'm thankful that you & Bub have each other and that you got to grow up together. Your everything and more then I could have dreamed of Pais...we'll deal with your terrible 2's when they come, until then...always know that Bubby loves you. He wouldn't know what to do without you sweet girl & even tho he thinks at times that your old enough to wrestle with him, he would never mean to be ugly to you...we have to excuse him for being a little boy ;)
Momma loves you Buggie


And Mr. Keaton Jack...your perfect baby. After every tantrum, after every screaming mad fit, & even every time you think you & your sister need to have a brawl...I love you & I wouldn't change a single thing about you. We'll live & learn together. I'll teach you just as much as you'll teach me & we'll both have tons to talk about when your grown and just as wonderful of a man as your Daddy is. Paisley loves & adores you, just like Momma & Daddy do.

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