Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's good to see you again :)

Hello there! Been awhile since I've been able to take a little time to talk...with work, the munchkins {& everything else I use as an excuse} I've been unbelievably busy!

Not much is going on with work these days, other then February almost being over...& me seriously not being able to be any happier to see it go. To be the month of love, there's not alot to love about it when you manage a Subway & the sales are ridiculous due to someones fabulous idea that every stinkin' sandwich needs to be 5 bucks. Oh, you could NEVER believe the chaos that idea has brought to me. It's almost over tho & the end result will be worth all the hard work, I suppose.

Speaking of hard work, my sweet hubby just got a promotion within the company he works for. I'm not too enthused about the job description(...there's alot of traveling involved) but it's something that he wants to do so just like any other time, I'm gonna give it my all to be supportive and help him get through whatever gets thrown his way. I'm just going to miss him alot, next week he'll be gone to North Carolina & I'm still trying to process how things are going to work around here until he gets back. I pray for his safety first of all but secondly, I selfishly pray for this is be over with...he knows how much I need him around but he's in it now, there's no turning back. I can't hate his job as much as I'd like to sometimes, it provides for our family & it's something that he's grown with but it can be so demanding at times. Ugh...but anyway!
{I guess I'll get off this depressing topic that I've went on & on about for 15 minutes now!}

I'm super excited about my sweet Paisley taking her 1st few steps the other night:) She growing up on me wayyy too fast! She has such a wonderful personality, I'm so proud that she was given to me. We are in the process of planning her 1st birthday party. I've chosen a 'Little Miss Sunshine' theme that I'm praying will turn out just as I imagine it...(it's not the little yellow cartoon girl from the Mr. Men Show, I know that's what comes to mind when you read that but I promise, I wouldn't do that to her!). I've already talked to a girl that I went to high school with about making the cake & cupcakes, I've looked online at all kinds of really good ideas, and I've picked out some super cute things to make her banner and some of the other decorations. It's getting closer & I couldn't be more excited but at the same time, my baby is gonna be 1...oh, I can't believe how she has grown.

 Well guys, I guess I'll wrap it up for now. The kids & I had a very lazy, gloomy Sunday so now that Dustin's home, I have alot to catch up on. Hopefully within a few days I'll be able to make some time to tell ya'll about Keaton's progress with his speech & the wonderfully tacky haircut I had to give him today because he refuses to let anyone else cut it! lol, I have no clue what I would do without these amazing, crazy little people in my life.

You guys have a wonderful week....& if you have time and have God on the line....send up a little something for me. I'm really gonna need it.

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