Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hello world, how ya been?

Today as definitely been 'one of those' days. Work was horrible...all I wanted all day was to just come home, Keaton still feels bad & the weather is awful & only suppose to get worse...can a girl seriously not catch a break??? 
Other then that tho, I'm thankful to have gotten some built up stress and frustration off my chest. It makes a world of difference for someone to know what your going through and truly be able to relate.♥ I've always known God will pull me through anything & everything that I turn to him to take care of...he always has. My sweet Keaton & Paisley are always gonna be my #1 priority...I no longer need to waste time that I could be enjoying them, worrying about things that will never even matter at all.
There are way more important things in life then mean people & their drama.
Speaking of that, the love of my life just walked through the door & Miss Pais must have sensed his presence...she started yelling 'da-da' before he even had a chance to get to the door!
Oh, the sweetness of the life I've been blessed with :)

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