Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh, what a day!

Well, I woke up usual. Keaton had some 'potty' trouble last night & wasn't able to sleep well so in turn, I didn't sleep well either. 
{little guy couldn't help it...I know it wasn't his fault, bless his sweet heart}. 
So anyway, off to work I go feeling like I had been ran over by a pickup truck 18 wheeler. I was as ill as I could possibly be already and it wasn't even lunch rush yet.
{I'm the manager at our local Subway for those of you reading this that didn't already know} 
Somehow I made it through the day(...barely but I did) and my Momma decides that she'll watch the kids for awhile so that I can rest & do a few things that I need too...never got that far tho!
Some way, I'm not really sure how but lately alot of people have been mislead to believe that I'm the kinda girl that's gonna sit back while everyone & their Momma talks about me, my children...just my life in gerenal?!?  Uhh, how about...No!  Not gonna happen that way!
I've drawn a line & I'm just about 1 comment away from going flippin' off.
I've never in my life seen or heard of  people trying to dictate each others lives like they do around's insane! You have to get permission as to who you can be friends with, who you can date/marry & now, some of them think that they have the right to tell you what you can or can't name your own child.
{talk about causing some issues}
Who is the hell(o) does this crap?? I could never imagine treating anyone the way that I have been treated or the way that several others have been as well.
It's really getting old, my daughter is 9 months old & I've heard this crap from day 1.
People need to realize the affect that their lies & rumors have on others.
Honestly, I could careless what anyone thinks, but I hate to think that 1 day my little girl will start school & she'll have to deal with the drama from the kids whose parents seem to think they have a right to run their mouths about it now. I won't let it happen.
One way or another, it's gonna stop. Everyone feels that they have the right to an opinion & usually, most  express it whether it's any of their business or not...I'm gonna choose one more time to take it to God before I open my mouth....& I really, REALLY hope it works.
Guess we'll see how it goes ;) 
off to get my sweet babies...they can always make anything all better ♥

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  1. I hate that you had a bad day. I'm not sure what is going on, but you and I are both firm believers in not letting people "run over us." People are always going to run their jaws though, that will never change. You just have to figure out which comments that you are able to ignore and which to not. I hope you have a better week - loves.