Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No love like this love....♥

I've got like 2.5 seconds of free time & this has been on my mind all day so I wanted to go ahead & do it before I forgot.
{...or more likely, get busy once again!}
I wanted to do a little update on each of the kids...just to let you guys know if your interested & so that I have something to look at a few months from now to remind myself of where we were at this point in time & how far we've came.

So here we go.

Keaton Jack is:
31 months & 11 days old.
Starting putting words together & I am SO proud!
He's saying things like 'Sissy's mad', 'the Bee's are sick'...{I have NO idea where this came from}
& 'Silly Goose'!
He's becoming alot more verbal when he wants something, he tells me what he wants instead of pointing.
 He's saying his ABC's by himself until F. He'll say them all if I prompt him & help him through them tho.
He's also starting to recognize colors, especially blue which I think is gonna be his favorite!
He's counting until 5 or so by himself...maybe missing a few every now and then but who cares...
He's making SO much progress!
           His fave shows lately are:
Spongebob, Diego, Dora, Blues Clues, Bubble Guppies & Wow Wow
...he forgets the Wubzy!
His fave foods are:
Waffles, Chips, Nuggets & Spaghetti
His favorite toys right now are:
Buzz & Woody

I say it often, maybe more then I should but I am, so unbelievably proud of this little guy! His vocabulary has advanced far beyond what I thought that it could at this point.
Just like hearing him cry for the 1st time, hearing him talk has been just as much of a miracle & blessing to me. I absolutely LOVE it & him so very much!

Miss Emersyn Paisley is:
 11 months & 15 days old.
 Walking wonderfully, absolutely non-stop since she was 9 1/2 months old!
She's saying some small words already...
   stuff like Momma, Daddy, Dora & for the 1st time today, she said 'Cheese' when I was taking her picture:)
We've taught her to give lots of  hugs & kisses
{it's the sweetest thing ever}
& it's definitely stuck with her, not only do I believe she's going to be a big talker but a little love/cuddle bug as well
She's definitely a 'Momma's girl' lately...she's got this little attitude about her now that she's walking
She thinks she's a big girl :(...breakin' my heart for sure!
We've not dropped the bottle yet but we're working on it...I know she'll drop it when she's ready.
She didn't take a paci so whatever she finds comfort in, I like to let her chose when it's time to let go.
Her favorite show is:
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Her favorite foods are:
Cheerios, Cheese Puffs & whatever Momma might be trying to get a few bites of at the time :)
Her favorite toys are:
Keaton's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse laptop & anything else of his that she knows he doesn't want her touching!

 I realize these changes in my children on a daily basis but I find it so much harder to take in when I actually type it out, re-reading it as I's kinda like finalizing a stage of life.
I'm not a Mother to infants anymore but toddlers.
It's such a scary thing for a Mother to go through. As a child myself, I always knew I was such an important part of my Momma. I pray that even if I don't get anything else right in my life, I atleast give my babies the security of love & stability that she has always given me.

 A long time ago, I remember hearing my little brother ask my Momma if she loved me more then she loved him...
{I guess something in his crazy little head made him think that she might, lol}
She of course told him no, that she loved us equally but not in the same way.
Not even I understood what she was saying at the time. 
 Thankfully I do now.

Keaton was my 1st born & just like me to my Momma, he came to me at a young age. I had prayed begged God for him for so long. Dustin & I wanted a child so badly, especially after having a miscarriage earlier in the same year that Keaton was also conceived. 
When Keaton came along, there was no doubt then just like there's no doubt now that he is nothing short of perfect. Even with the complications of his speech, there's not one thing I would change about that baby.
I know I'll never love another being the way that I love Keaton.
It's not possible.

Keaton was only 10 months old when we got pregnant with Paisley.
It came at a time in my life that was really hard on me.
Dustin, Keaton & I had packed up, moved to another state & had been away from our families for an entire summer. Dustin was working alot due to a promotion with the company & we were in the process of moving home when I got the news....the night before Keaton's 1st birthday!
{to say the least....I was freakin' out! BIG time}
Little did I know at the time tho that the unexpected pregnancy with her was going to result in just as much of a blessing as Keaton's life turned out to be to me.
With her birth came sunshine into a life that felt that it was being drained by the things going on around me.
She gave me a different outlook on life & I can never thank her enough for that.
She's the sweetest, happiest & absolutely the most beautiful little girl that anyone could ever ask for.
Her spirit is something I adore so much, everything about her is amazing♥
& I hope she always knows that just like her brother,
I will never, ever love anyone else like I love her.
It's not only children who grow.  Parents do too.  As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours.  I can't tell my children to reach for the sun.  All I can do is reach for it, myself.  ~Joyce Maynard

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